We offer our customers Electronic Payments,

Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence and we have a

Market Place so that companies can upload

their products and sell online.





Jupiter Tech started operations in 2016 with the idea of being a company

developer of disruptive technology; the company started developing

mobile applications and systems for companies. After attending

a broad portfolio of clients, we detect a great opportunity in the industry

of Electronic Payments and Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence so we decided

focus only on developing our own brands Pagalo and Jupibot.


Our commitment every day is to create more innovative products so that

Our clients can grow their business with the solutions that they

we offer. Thanks to the effort and creativity of our team we have

positioned as one of the most recognized companies in Central America and

The Caribbean that provide Electronic Payments and Chatbos solutions helping

increase the sales of our customers.

Jupiter Tech focuses on the development of advanced

technology in the Electronic Payments and Chatbots

segments with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the effort and creativity of our team, we have

positioned ourselves as one of the most recognized

companies in Central America and the Caribbean, helping to increase the sales of our clients.

Our vision is to become the leading company in

Central America and the Caribbean that offers

solutions technologies that help its customers

grow their companies with our tools

offering them a personalized service.

Mobile Payments

PAGALO is the tool that allows you to accept

credit or debit card payments from any part of

the world quickly and safely.


Backed by the best

anti-fraud equipment, to avoid

cloned cards.


Once registered you can

start accepting cards in

24 hours.


Receive the sales of your

business directly to your

Bank account.

Payment Request

Send massive promotions

to your contact base.

Online store

Sell through the online

store that paying it puts at

your disposal.

Point and Pay

Facilitate your clients

through QR scanning in

printed documents.

Basic tools

  • Payment request
  • Quick sale
  • Payment gateway
  • Online store

Advanced Tools

  • Recurring payments
  • Massive Promotions
  • Vault Pagalo
  • Point and Pay
  • Accounts Receivable

Market Place

¡Pagalo Shop offers a solution

made to order!

With the Pagalo Shop online store you do not have to

leave your house to perform all your efforts

including supermarket purchases.


What is Jupibot?

It is a robot linked to a messaging platform

that has its own intelligence and can respond

multiple questions and interact with beings


He also has the ability to learn

new command through the use of the

Artificial intelligence.

What Jupibot can do?

Jupibot helps you organize yourself since he can attend: complaints,

claims, suggestions and re-orders that your clients have towards you

business and can even sell for you.

Work 24 hours

7 days a week

Monetaize your

social networks

The save

you money



The understand

your bussines

Answer questions

and complaints